Friday, June 29, 2012

Project Server 2010 : bug with deliverables

if you create a new deliverable from Project site (site teamplate is customized..) using the grid row option (you can enter the deliverable name, start & finish), No deletion/update of columns in deviverables but other lists are custiomized. Once deliverable is crated a small message shows "Server is processing the changes to this row". (First screenshot) ANother way to create a new deliverable using the "New Item" form. so I created one more using this option. (Second screenshot) Now, I have two deliverables (D1 & D2) . When I open the MS project, I can see only one (D1) which is created via adding record using row option.(see the last screenshot). So Issue seems to be with the New Item form which doesn't sync the data to server. Looks liks a bug to me.

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