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Project Server 2010- Demand Management Useful links

Project Server 2010 - Demand Management- Showcase - Nice video

Project Server has a new infrastructure for building out a demand management process. This session covers the capabilities built in and how the workflow can be customized and extended to meet your business needs. This session will go over the following concepts: Developer experience in creating a Workflow; Deployment story for Project workflows; Administrator experience in creating Workflow Controlled Enterprise Project Types:

Project Server 2010: Task level formula based Text Custom field

Hello EPM Users/Techies,

Today I was browsing the Project Server forum & found a very easy but interesting question about displaying the task calender information in report which pulls the data from Project Server Reporting database. Since this information is not available in reporting database so thought a workaround & get the information.

1. Tried creating a TAsk level text custom field using formula:

2. In the formula section, picked up the field Text> Task Calendar

3. Added Task Calendar & when I tried to save that, got the error:

The custom field could not be saved due to the following reason(s):
This formula contains references to one or more fields that do not exist in the system. Correct the formula and try again.

4. Now, I thought to create the same field from project professional :
- Open project professioanl & Connect to Server
- Click on Project Tab - Click on Custom fields button on the ribbon
- Select Task (radio button) & selected Text from the drop down…

Update Project level Multiline Text Custom Fields

What a beautilful weather & I was kinda enjoying but suddenly One of My coworker pinged me & asked me a question about the Project level custom fields (multiline Text) so while I explained him about the usage of this kind of field, thought to write down somthing which might help Project Server community :)

Text custom fields can be multiline up to 4000 bytes, for use in project detail pages (PDPs) and with workflows for demand management in Project Web App. Multiline text custom fields are not usable in Project Professional. so I added a Project level Multiline text field in my PDP & now I wanted to update this field in a given project from my PSI program.

Here is the code for the Console application :
1. You will need to add project web service (ProjectWebSvc) web ref in the solution: http://servername/pwa/_vti_bin/PSI/Project.asmx?wsdl
2. Its very basic code, which has TEXT_VALUE update for a Multiline field

Project Server 2010: Enterprise Project Types

Enterprise Project Types (EPTs) are project templates that represent various types of projects and non-project work within the portfolio. For example, you can create an Enterprise Project Type to represent a HR related software Maintenance/development project or a marketing campaign.
An EPT is a combination of phases, stages, a single workflow, and Project Detail Pages. Each EPT represents a single project type. Normally, project types are aligned with individual departments, for example, marketing projects, IT projects, HR projects, and so forth. Using project types in Project 2010 now helps to categorize projects within the same organization that have a similar project life cycle

To create a new enterprise project type

On the PWA home page, click Server Settings.
Click New Enterprise Project Type. In the Name box, enter a name for the type (e.g HR_Project_EPT), and then provide a brief description in the Description box. Select a workflow from the Site Workflow Association list. Once yo…