Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Project Online- Bulk Edit Free on Office Store

Project Server Bulk Edit add-in

Project Server Bulk Edit add-in enables the quick updating of project fields directly from PWA. Bulk Edit is designed from the ground up to take advantage of the features of SharePoint and Project Server 2013, 2016 and Project Online for fast performance and easy edits of hundreds of projects at once.
Once installed from the SharePoint App Store, the Bulk Edit icon becomes available on the Project Centre ribbon menu under Apps.
Bulk Edit supports updating of all project level Enterprise Custom Fields for all projects that you can access.
Features Include
  • Support for Project Online and On-premises deployments
  • Selection of multiple Built-in and Enterprise Custom Fields for editing (only some built-in fields can be edited)
  • New: Deferred updates, if you prefer you can now make your changes then select Apply to apply all changes at once
  • Excel style drop filter / sorting from column menus.
  • Cut and Paste of values
  • Excel style fill-down editing of field values
  • AJAX / JSOM Driven for fast viewing / updating of hundreds of projects at once
Note on On-Premises Installation
The Bulk Edit app fully supports on-premises Project Server 2013 and Project Server 2016 deployments, in order to install the app you may need to request from your SharePoint Administrator to install the SharePoint App Management Service, and / or request that this app be approved for installation by your administrator.



Provider: Nearbaseline Solutions Pty Ltd
This add-in requires one of the following applications:
  • SharePoint 2013 or later
  • SharePoint Online

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